Who or What is Mind Performance Health – The Beginning

Who or What is Mind Performance Health – The Beginning

Welcome to Mind Performance Health first entry !

For this first blog I want to introduce you to Mind Performance Health and Myself (Coach Mick). At the end of reading this I hope you gain some insight of what I am trying to achieve in the health and fitness industry and hopefully you will also gain some understanding of WHY I am trying to do this and WHO I am.

Currently I am a Coach, Physique Competitor and a ex kickboxer/boxer

But Firstly lets go back to the start as all stories have a beginning.

Before Mind Performance Health was created I grew up as your standard athletic kid. I have a great close family that was very “sporty” as we ventured from football,soccer,motorbikes, basketball amongst other ventures. I have two younger brothers, my father was a high level rugby player, my mother represented Latvia in basketball/shooting and my grandfather was in charge of a community of competitive sporting events.

From 13 years old my father gave me my first weight training equipment. From here I was hooked. I was scrawny without a ounce of muscle on me but I was determined to chase some “gains”.

Forward a few more years and I would be attending the gym religiously trying to sculpt the body by reading body building magazines,searching youtube and taking advice from the older guys at the gym

The gym taught me commitment and what it took to get progress with my body and as time went on I added some additional mass to my frame

During this time I also competed in kickboxing and boxing. The experience of competition taught be discipline and investment of hard work.

As years went on I worked in mechanical commissioning while training on the side. My boxing adventures had stopped and I was caught up in the rat race. After a while I felt like something was missing. I was suffering from anxiety which I couldn’t figure out and in November 2016 I sat down and wrote 3 things on a piece of paper that I knew I could progress with:

Business – Health and Fitness – Helping People

From the start I wanted a HIGH QUALITY RESULT BASED DRIVEN COACHING BUSINESS that stood out from the rest that was on offer. I saw the industry being portrayed poorly with poor personal training, poor information and social influence. I wanted to change this.

With the help of a great mentor already in the industry I had a head start in knowing the correct path to follow and also completed my certificate in fitness. For 1 year I juggled my full time work with building my coaching business at a private functional/group gym. This was a stressful time as I had no time for social life, getting up early for my first clients, going to the city for my commissioning work and then returning to the gym for my afternoon sessions. With all this going on I also committed to learning and contacting those in the industry to mentor and teach me what I needed to get to where I wanted to be. I re-invested thousands of dollars back into learning by completing certifications and mentoring by those I considered the best. I still do this today. I took opportunities as they came as I had great results with physique competitors, professional athletes and general population very early which helped boost my business.

Fast forward to today and coaching is my full time career. I work with ranges of demographics from physique competitors, athletes and the general population. I am fortunate enough that I haven’t had to do much marketing due to word of mouth and the power of results mind performance health has achieved and shown on instagram.

Why is this note worthy?

Well, all of these experiences helped shape my business and myself into what I am today. The problem solving from my engineering career, the discipline from boxing the investment of time from strength training. All of these things make up what I stand for today

Learning is key hence why I have multiple certifications in nutrition, performance, functional medicine and also am undertaking a bachelor of exercise science. I love learning and this is needed to achieve optimum results….

So what is Mind Performance Health ?

Real Coaching that combines holistic health, personal experience and evidence backed application to achieve the BEST RESULTS POSSIBLE

I hope this has given some insight into who I am and what my business is about. I look forward to writing and sharing the education I have learnt along the way for you to take away.

Remember.. Understanding is Key


Coach Mick







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