How Your Health and Fitness will BOOST your Business and Entrepreneurial Success

How Your Health and Fitness will BOOST your Business and Entrepreneurial Success

“Time is Money and Your Health is a INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE” 

I am fortunate enough to not only work with physique competitors and athletes but also with individuals that own successful businesses or are driven and excel in their chosen careers. From high scale corporate clients, small business owners to multi million dollar directors I have fortunately listened, helped improve and most importantly LEARNT.

We all get MOTIVATED to succeed. But not all incorporate the HABITS and DEDICATION needed to do so.

So why am I writing about this? and how does this relate to health and fitness?

Ill go back to my original quote: “Time is Money and Your Health is a INVESTMENT not an EXPENSE”  …… YOU WANT TO MAKE THE MOST OUT OF THE TIME YOU HAVE 



Through my career I have had the pleasure of not only teaching but learning. Learning about the fundamentals and principles of what I need for my craft with addition of what I need for my BUSINESS.

There are a few ways I have been personally educated by others in whats required in need to achieve success. One thing I have noticed is that with all the different fields… The same principles apply:

  • Experience: Everyone has had a different journey to get to where they have. Through this lessons have been learnt and can be passed on. My clients all have different experiences in their chosen careers.
  • Investing: Investing time, effort, income.
  • Formal Education: These will show the fundamentals and rules to abide by…. I have done certifications in business which are great for step by step startup but can lack in other areas that will make you stand out.
  • Business Coaching: I have had multiple business coaches. Some were through a online structure, others were mentors I visited to learn. There is not one fit all approach but this can come back to experience as well as learning SYSTEMS to SAVE TIME and MONEY.

But here are a couple of things that are not formally taught….. but I see and have learnt are the GAME CHANGERS

  • RELATIONSHIPS: HUGE. This is in relation to your clients and team. A good relationship gains BUY IN and TRUST. You have to invest time in this area as well as effort…… however in the long run it will pay off in retention,quality and reputation.


  • PERSONAL HEALTH & FITNESS: ANOTHER ASPECT THAT I SEE AS A GAME CHANGER. This field I have experience and education in. If time is money….. don’t you want to make sure you can sustain and give as much quality to that time as possible?

Heres a few aspects that will impact progression and drive on a health and fitness level that I am qualified to talk about:

  • Stress: Mental,Physical,Metabolic and Bio Chemical
  • Health: Digestive, Neurological, Inflammation Status
  • Strength and Body Composition: Confidence, Drive and Personal Development

Im sure you have all heard the saying that you have to be “ALL IN” to succeed in business…. There is no possible way you can be the best and most efficient self if your health and fitness is not included IN YOUR INVESTMENT OR DEVELOPMENT

Where do you think your drive comes from?

Where do you think your energy comes from?



Heres my tips to operate efficiently:

No.1: Pay someone to keep you accountable.

Investing in someone to help keep a part of your life efficient is one way to keep motivated, create value (through your investment), stay accountable and most of all PROGRESS!

This can be either a:

  • Personal Trainer/Online
  • Nutritionist
  • Health Coach

This person MUST match your lifestyle and help improve the areas of your life that matter!

NO.2: Improve the following aspects of your life for sustainability


  • Sleep:  8-9 Hours of QUALITY SLEEP. NO INTERRUPTION. Anything short of this will raise cortisol levels leading into excessive stress, less focus, possible burnout and poor efficiency
  • Nutrition: Balanced diet of all macros suited to YOUR digestive capabilities, lifestyle, workout and daily schedule. “Crash diets” will raise stress. Plenty of veggies, protein and carbohydrates suited to your own specific tolerances. No aggressive dieting, Limit excessive calories (over eating)
  • Training: Minimum 45 minutes. In a rush? Superset exercises. No distractions, no phone calls, no you-tubing.. this is your time to focus at getting yourself better. You will take this habit away and it will reflect how you represent yourself outside the gym. Track your workouts so you can progress in terms of weights lifted and reps. Track your food in portion sizes so you know where to adjust.
  • Supplements: Can make a difference but not a definite factor like the other tips. Adaptogen herbs, Neuro-transmitter aids, anti inflammation and digestive health supplements will make a difference in how you carry yourself mentally and physically.
  • Health: Get regular blood test to check hormones, metabolic efficiency and or vitamin deficiencies. Don’t treat just Symptoms…… Look for the Cause.
  • Focus: Meditation,Yoga, Grateful log, Breathing, Awareness. Take time out to focus on a specific task. Simple things like making your bed every morning will keep you on track with completing tasks


No.3: Condition your mind 

  • Much like athletes you have to be conditioned in the business world. Conditioning is power output in relation to the specific environment. You can have all the education in the world, if you are not conditioned mentally you will fail when pressure is put on…. this can be in terms of:

– Times of no work.

– Pressure from your boss or clients.

– Deadlines.

– Pressure from your team or peers.

– Negative working environment.

What are you going to do when the pressure is on? How are you going to perform if the stress is throwing out your focus?

Stress has the same action in our body whether it is a tiger chasing us or a argument with our boss about missing a deadline….. excess stress has the same concequence

How to condition the mind:

  • Awareness. Strategy.Action: Be aware of the stress. Get a strategy to solve the stress. Complete the strategy to make sure the stress is alleviated.

  • Experience: Been in this situation before. Been in this environment previously. Know how to handle the incoming stress

  • Know your reason WHY your doing what you do. Everyone has a different reason. When its tough come back to it to talk yourself into moving forward.

  • Be positive. No matter the stress is: Didn’t close a deal? Fantastic time to improve to get the next one. Lost your job? Great time to Grow and Learn something new.


I have helped many different driven individuals improve aspects of their life from digestive issues, confidence in body image, challenges, focus and awareness.


Do you want to be YOUR BEST. Do you want to be ALL IN. Do you want to SUCCEED?



Coach Mick

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